21 Concepts was founded in 2009 by Carmen Li as a Hong Kong based, independent publishing company. Since its inception, the company has expanded and diversified into four main business lines that generate consistent revenue streams. These areas include: Crave Magazine, Custom Publishing, Events Production & Management, Digital Media Services as well as Commercial Art Direction, Design and Photography.

Our office is located in a privately owned, duplex property in the heart of Central Hong Kong and office hours are from Mondays to Fridays; 10am to 7pm.


Our services include:

Events Production and Management
Custom Publishing
Art Direction and Photography


The company operates as a sole proprietorship and its full time staff consists of a professional team of editors, graphic designers, photographers and sales associates.


21 Concepts launched its custom publishing platform in October 2010.
From in-house magazines, advertising campaigns to commercial photography services, our versatile team of staff is here to deliver exceptional works for clients.